Be the Change Coaching

#livecourageously #noexcuses

Be the Change Coaching

Sending love, strength and positive thoughts to my clients, families, groups, organisations and communities at large.

As a coach I am here to support my clients and the community at large, as this is a difficult time for many who are coping with anxiety, isolation, fear and uncertainty. Please feel free to contact me if you need to connect.

Part of my work also includes assisting clients and families who are challenged by substance use and addiction disorders. As the manager of a treatment facility we are here to support and help you during this time and our admissions remain open, with some pre-admission protocols and requirements in place.

We are conducting free, online pre-admission admission sessions to help you make the right choices about treatment.

Please contact The Foundation Clinic on (010)900-3131 or email for more information.

The Government COVID-19 has official news, updates, information and contact numbers. Please click on the link below to access the service.

At “Be the Change” the focus is on creating change through personal empowerment.

Change that supports your personal and professional needs, wants, values and aspirations.

Change that helps you realise your dreams and to live with authentic purpose.

Change that allows you to become a congruent, unique individual who lives courageously.

#livecourageously #noexcuses

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a forward-focused and solutions-driven approach to creating a fulfilled & purposeful life.

Coaching is about being the change in our own lives and learning how to consistently sustain change, growth and development.

Coaching creates a safe space where you are given the opportunity to find the answers that resonate within you, taking your lifestyle, choices, needs and preferences into account.

Coaching is about discovering your authentic purpose, and living a life of meaning.

Coaching is a powerful tool for creating a life that is congruent with your deepest values and beliefs, in your personal and professional life.

How Can Coaching Empower You?

Coaching sessions focus on your unique situation and set of personal & professional resources, giving you the space to develop a plan that really works for you, whether it is for you.

The coach has no agenda for the coaching conversation and the content of the sessions are determined by you, depending on your needs, wants and values.  Coaching simply makes use of tools, practice and approaches that will best serve you, whether the work is personal or professional.

Whether you are wanting to deepen your understanding of self, strengthen your personal relationships, develop in your recovery, or explore a new professional opportunity, coaching is an empowering model for creating lasting change.

Are You Ready for Change?

Are you ready to understand your needs, wants & values, and take action towards change?

Courage, consistency and wholeheartedness are what takes us from wanting something to achieving it. If that is you, then please feel free to contact me to discuss the coaching programmes that I offer.

Leigh-Anne Brierley is a Certified Master Coach with the IMCSA, and offers individual, couple, family, team and group coaching.

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