At Be the Change Coaching the focus is on change – purposeful, authentic, sustainable change.


Change that supports our needs, wants, values and aspirations.

Change that helps us realise our dreams and live our authentic purpose.

Change that ensures we live the lives we believe that we deserve.

Change that allows us to become the congruent, unique individual that we aspire towards.


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a forward-focused and solutions-driven approach to creating a fulfilled & purposeful life. It’s about being the change in our own lives and learning how to consistently sustain change.

How Can Coaching Assist You?

Coaching sessions focus on your unique situation and set of personal resources, giving you the space to develop a plan that really works for you, whether it is for your recovery, your life or your health.


Leigh-Anne Brierley is a professionally certified life, business and recovery coach.  She is passionate about assisting individuals to create change in their lives.  She is also a consultant coach at The Foundation Clinic  | Addiction Recovery Solutions focusing on assisting individuals, families, communities & organisations challenged by substance abuse & addictive behaviour disorders.  She is also part of the Ubuntu Academy of Coaching & Training‘s facilitation team.  Leigh-Anne has recently partnered with Alex Campbell Transformation which is focused in the area of nutrition, fitness & lifestyle coaching.

Are You Ready for Change?

Are you ready to understand your needs, wants & values, and take action towards change? Action and practice are what takes us from wanting to something to achieving it. If that is you, contact us.

Be The Change offers Life, Recovery and Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching


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