Leigh-Anne was my coach when I was a client at The Foundation Recovery Centre from May 2016 to August 2016. She also gave lectures on recovery wellness to groups I attended as part of my treatment.

Leigh-Anne was instrumental in my recovery. She was encouraging, loving and supportive. But firm which was necessary. She always believed in me and treated me with dignity and respect. She helped me to build my self-esteem, self-worth and confidence in every area of my life. She also encouraged momentum through being steadfast and sure in goal setting which encouraged fast, constant growth. I still apply this.

I found it easy to build a trustworthy, dependable, healthy relationship with Leigh-Anne really fast. She is relatable, genuine and caring. She is a fantastic listener and often when I got caught up in the details of a story, she got to the heart of my issues by hearing what was un-said which helped me to get perspective and tackle the root of the problem. Most importantly, she always assisted me in really dealing with the problem and moving on. This was key in re-discovering my own true identity, getting rid of all my baggage and false beliefs and becoming the strong, confident, free person I am today.

When I get caught up in negative thoughts and become aware of what is happening, I reflect back on her coaching and teachings and mentorship and immediately get out of a dysfunctional, destructive mental and emotional cycle. Leigh-Anne taught me about mind-sight and awareness about my behaviours and thinking which cause self-sabotage. I’ve overcome it completely and always manage to turn negative into positive now.

She played a vital role in helping my family as a whole to tackle my recovery in a mature, sensitive way. She also acts confidentially and responsibly with each member of the family and followed up on our well-being and progress, always making herself available to aid and support in any way she can. My whole family benefitted from her being such a huge player in my recovery process.

What I love most about Leigh-Anne is her passion for learning and education. She always shares her personal learnings about personal development which she constantly works on in her own life.

She keeps herself informed of many aspects of research and information regarding addiction treatment and discoveries in the medical field. Also about a healthy, well balance life in general, not only in addiction recovery.

She is authentic, highly intelligent and compassionate. Because she is positive and forward thinking, she was so helpful in guiding me to get out of a “stuck” and “sick” mindset into a wellness space. Her personality and character is inspiring in this regard because that is how she operates in her own life.

Leigh-Anne is professional at all times. She presents herself beautifully and is eloquent and well-spoken.

Whenever we have requested any administrative information from her like progress reports or other information, she acts immediately.

I am blessed and grateful that Leigh-Anne was part of my journey. She played a big role in helping me to become the productive, fulfilled, happy individual I am now living a meaningful, healthy life.