Leigh-Anne has coached me through a range of proactive and preventative measures on how to deal with life stress and every day occurrences that can appear challenging.  She has motivated and encouraged me to realise that I can be more than what I am.  She has slowly built up my self-esteem and helped me to take chances that will inevitably create my own personal growth.

Through her compassion and understanding she has enabled me to grow both in my personal capacity and in my life in general. The way she coaches ensures that I come up with  the options and answers on my own help with increasing my self-esteem.  She has taught me about mindfulness, mindsight and many other tools and to help me through my life.  Leigh-Anne has never minimized my issues and has helped put them into perspective and helped me to come up with my own solutions by myself.

Leigh-Anne has a great sense of humor and always manages to read situations appropriately.