I met Leigh-Anne at The Foundation Clinic in 2016, having been a full-blown alcoholic. I had no self-esteem, my self-worth was non-existent and I was in an incredibly dark place. Upon entering Sharp and meeting Leigh-Anne she immediately welcomed me with open arms, I felt no judgment, her demeanour was one of strength and understanding, she struck me as a woman that had an inner strength which gave off an energy that in all honesty made me feel she was really there to HELP ME.

Leigh-Anne had a beautiful way of wanting to get to know who I was, who JOHN was, what I liked, what I enjoyed, what made me tick – her interest in my journey was sincere and I felt she had amazing positivity and wonderful insight and this only emanated the fact that Leigh-Anne was there to help and assist me in every way she possibly could. Leigh-Anne is without doubt mentally a very sturdy woman who really understood and could truly grasp the battle I was up against, she was always kind yet firm, outspoken, honest and her utter PASSION for not only her work but the WANT to HELP me in my addiction came across very strongly and BEST of all this passion she has comes across very naturally.

Every lecture was one of clarity – I found them interesting, her candid honestly led me to feel I could trust her and even though I was fighting a massive battle she always told me “how it was” whether I wanted to hear it or not BUT she always managed to do it in a manner of respect & it always came from a place of wisdom, experience and the drive to want to help me. Leigh-Anne has the strength of will & a clear solid firmness of purpose in what it involves to help people in addiction – taking time to see WHO I was, her aptness to read and connect with me was amazing, she took that last spark I was holding onto and made it shine.

Her prowess and her attitude and heart felt dedication towards her work is radiant, her natural capability to “get” me as a person was always thoughtful, her words tactful and meaningful, always insightful to how and what it was I needed to do….and I did it, her drive drove me and has led me to a life of sobriety and happiness. To this day, I know I can always pick up the phone and check in, its not work to her, its something far greater, Leigh-Anne has a very special, genuine love for what she does.