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Recovery & Wellness Coaching

Creating change for sustainable recovery.

What is Recovery & Wellness Coaching?

  • It’s about developing recovery capital to support you in your life.
  • It’s about creating a recovery plan that works for you.
  • It’s about learning new tools, techniques and coping mechanisms.
  • It’s about developing new behaviours that support all areas of your life.
  • It’s about creating the fulfilled, purposeful life you deserve.

Recovery & Wellness Coaching focuses on helping you identify and develop your internal and external resources, which are supportive of your personal recovery plan.  By developing social, emotional, physical, spiritual and mental resources, you are able to create a recovery that is sustainable and fulfilling.  This Recovery Capital assists in creating a recovery that is fulfilling and purposeful, taking into account your needs, wants, values and aspirations.

With multiple pathways to recovery, individuals challenged by substance abuse disorders, are able to develop an approach that is supportive of their unique situation, and their set of available support resources.  Whether you or a loved one, friend or colleague need assistance, recovery coaching gives clients the opportunity and the space to explore an opportunity that resonates strongly with them.

Like with all coaching models, recovery coaching is about moving forward in life with honesty, integrity and courage.  Recovery is a chance to reinvent ourselves, develop strong social and spiritual connections, and learn new tools to assist us in our personal recovery.

By changing your beliefs and thoughts about yourself, you change your narrative and actions, which results in healthy new behaviours.  And it is with the consistent practice or these new behaviours that you are able to grow and flourish in your life.

Addiction will end your life...recovery will change your story. (1)

Creating Change through Personal Empowerment

If you just can’t find that reason for what you’re trying to achieve, watch this incredible talk by Simon Sinek, “How Great Leaders Inspire” and start the journey into finding your WHY.

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