Learning to embrace self-love and a positive body image by developing strong nutrition & fitness habits.

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Be The Change Coaching works in close collaboration with Alex Campbell Transformation in the specialised niche of nutrition, fitness & lifestyle coaching.  By developing a healthy relationship with yourself and food through habits’-based coaching, you are able to follow an eating- and exercise-plan that is specifically developed for you.

This means that your food and exercise preferences, personal and professional lifestyle, resources and goals are carefully considered when creating your individualised plan.  A plan that will work for you!  Coaching in this area helps you to develop accountability with yourself and your coach, so that you are able to develop habits and practices that are sustainable in the long run.

Alex Campbell Transformation also offers ProCoach a twelve-month online nutrition and lifestyle coaching programme.  The programme is a revolutionary approach to nutrition and fitness, as it focuses on habit development and practice, increasing nutrition knowledge, an achievable and effective gym programme and ongoing coaching support.  Over the course of the programme you complete daily lessons, bi-weekly habits and practice, and monthly progress checks all with the ongoing assistance of a personal coach.

What is nutrition & fitness coaching about?

  • It’s about developing an eating and exercise plan that works for you.
  • It’s about developing strong habits that are supportive of sustainable change.
  • It’s about creating health and wellness through scientific nutrition and fitness practices.
  • It’s about learning to understand and love your body.
  • It’s about looking and feeling great!

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