Life Coaching

Creating Your Authentic Self Through Personal Discovery & Empowerment

What is Life Coaching?

  • It’s a solutions-driven approach to moving forward in our lives.
  • It’s about creating accountability and trust with ourselves and our coach.
  • It’s about showing up authentically and congruently in our lives.
  • It’s about understanding our roles in life.
  • It’s about setting goals and creating plans to get us to where we want to be!

Life Coaching focuses on empowering you to find your true passion and purpose.  By allowing yourself the space and self-love to explore what you need to create and develop to feel fulfilled and impassioned again.

Each individual has a unique set of needs, wants, values and aspirations, which are explored in the coaching sessions.  As a coach I believe that everyone has the answers to their questions, and through coaching are able to find their perfect solution.  Regardless of personal challenges, we all have wonderful strengths and skills on which to capitalise and move forward in a way that work for us!

Life coaching focuses on the solutions, while actively engaging in the process of change. By learning new tools, building on existing strengths and understanding our own values, needs and wants, we are able to show up as empowered individuals.  We are then able to practice these approaches and show up as the men and women we strive to be – both personally and professionally.

Creating Change Through Personal Empowerment

Brené Brown’s TED TALK “The Power of Vulnerability” is a huge source of personal and professional inspiration for me.

And “Listening to Shame” is a wonderful follow up which deepens her learning around vulnerability and shame, and having the courage to show up in our own lives.