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Coaching Rates

Systemic Business, Life & Recovery Coaching Rates

  • Single coaching session: R1,150/session
    • This is the charge for an initial or a single coaching session. 
    • If you engage in a coaching series, there will be no charge for the initial session.
    • If you only engage in a single coaching session there will be a charge for the session as outlined above.
  • Coaching series packages:
    • 2 sessions | R2,100.00 (R1,050/session)
    • 3 sessions | R2,850.00 (R950/session)
    • 4 or more sessions | R3,400.00 (R850/session)
  • Session rates are negotiable dependent on your personal & financial situation, and your level of motivation to fully engage in the coaching process.
  • Sessions may run from 45 – 60 minutes, and there is a charge/session irrespective of the time which will not be less than 45 minutes.
  • Payment needs to be made in advance for coaching packages of more than two sessions.
  • The session packages of four or more sessions can include one small group session for the personal support group, partner or family of the client if they chose this option
    • This cannot be decided by the support network and needs to be arranged by the individual being coached.
  • Additional sessions after the 4-session package for existing clients will be charged at R850.00/session if they are booked on an ad hoc basis. 
  • If the client chooses to book an additional four-session package, these will be charged at the above rates.
  • Once-off sessions must be settled at the end of a session via PayPal, EFT or paid in cash.
  • All coaching sessions and packages will need to be settled via PayPal, EFT or cash.
  • Sessions are conducted at The Foundation Clinic | 41 Pretoria Road, Oaklands. 
  • Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance, unless there are unforeseen circumstances causing cancellation, will be charged at 50% of the session rate.

Please note that coaching sessions cannot be claimed on your medical aid. Coaching is an empowering intervention with therapeutic benefits, but coaches are not registered with the HPCSA.

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